Benchmark your developer community performance


We’re proud to be supporting the new developer survey run by our friends at VisionMobile! This is the 11th developer survey and it’s entitled Developer Tools Benchmarking – as you can understand, the focus is on developer tools. The survey features questions on topics like programming languages, platforms, app categories, tool categories, revenue models, IoT verticals – and, of course – tools! It’s a survey made by developers, for developers – so the questions are very relevant! Whether you’re looking to share your thoughts with the dev community, find out something new, contribute to the leading developer research – or win a great prize – this is the survey for … Continued

How many IDEs does it take to create a programmer?

Integrated Development Environments have evolved to solve every problem a developer can have, but in recent years we’ve seen a scaling back of capabilities as developers embrace more-basic options. At VisionMobile our latest developer survey is (amongst other things) trying to find out why, though we do have some ideas on the subject. When I first programmed a computer I was lambasted, and very nearly ejected from the school computer club, for not having written my program out on paper before arrival. Computer time was too precious to spend composing lines of code, minutes at the keyboard should be spent entering pre-written programs; not making them up as one went along. … Continued

Interface Health Challenge X 2016

Digital Health Innovators! WIP is a proud partner of the world’s top competition in digital health innovation.  INTERFACE Health Challenge X 2016 is the world’s only annual competition to discover the world’s best real health problem-solving innovators. Think of this global challenge as the “Digital Health Olympic Games.” It is a fun, intense and rewarding experience.  Last year, 150 startups from 16 countries and 53 cities on all five continents participated in our first global challenge.  When you compete against some of the best companies in the world, it makes you stronger. It makes your company more valuable. As a challenger you get priceless exposure, support and recognition from the world’s community of … Continued