February App Store Report Now Available: Understanding Reach and Submission

The February edition of the WIP App Store Report is now available, and this month it takes a look at two key issues pertaining to app stores for developers: reach and submissions. Reach is important for pretty obvious reasons: scale drives downloads (in most cases). But reach is just one part of the equation developers should use when determining which stores to target, since submission of apps can become a major timesink.

The problem here is twofold: accurate information on reach is difficult to come by, and the differences in submission from store to store are, often, pointless and do little more than cause headaches. The status quo causes headaches for developers, but will become a big problem for third-pary app stores as well, if their reach can’t justify yet another differentiated submission for a developer.

Download the PDF report to find out more, and also check out our Jam@MWC for more on submission.

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